Inglis Classics 

Automotive Restoration & Repair


17229 Lemon St. Ste. 

A-2 Hesperia, CA 92345

Repair, Rebuild, Restore!

Inglis Classics Parts Policy:

All new parts & labor have a 30-day Warranty. Only parts that have been rebuilt, have warranty. Example: Rebuilt motors 6 months, carburetors 30 days & transmissions 6 months. Used or New parts that have been taken apart can not be returned. They must be returned in the same condition and exchange will be given if still under warranty and defective. If completed work is altered by anyone or repaired by another mechanic, warranty is voided. Thank you for your consideration. Please only contact us within business hours on vehicle inquiries. We take pictures and video of all work done and they may be posted to Social Media. We hope to provide the best service we can to all of our customers within reason. Any questions please feel free to contact us at (281) 601-2713. Repair, Rebuild, Restore!